June 11, 2008

We arrived Friday afternoon to the Farm Chicks Show. Troy and I had to wait for Tammy who took a few detours of Spokane before she found her way to the Fair grounds. Thank goodness for cell phones ;-)

Saturday the Weather was terrible, but that didn't seem to slow down the Dedicated Farm Chicks. They Stood in the rain an hour and a half before the show even started. I truely felt for the vedors who had booths out in the rain. The building was filled to the brim with antiques and shabby Chic's, it was amazing to see!

Here is our new Show Set up....Troy had a tall order, I asked him to build me a house for our display. He is very handy, I think I'll keep him ;-)

We also had new displays that Troy built...Set up was all new but it went together well.

I was so glad my sister Tammy showed up to help...We had lots of fun and she always makes me smile.

Troy was a big help too!


Karen and Kelly said...

It was a great weekend indeed! My husband and dad both purchased a bar of the Bay Rum bath soap and I came to the website hoping to buy more... any word on when you'll be restocked? I'd love to purchase more to have on hand as gifts as well.

Cedar House Soapmaker said...

Bay Rum is in stock :-) will be over to the website to update today!