December 22, 2008

Homemade Caramels

Celebrating Christmas with simplicity...This is the first time I have ever made caramels and they turned out perfect! First batch we made were Vanilla Pecan, second batch was Butter Rum & Pecan, and the third batch was Chocolate Pecan. It took some convincing to get all the boys to sit and wrap candies. For some reason they just wanted to taste!

The butter wrappers make perfect candy wrappers and are a perfect way to repurpose.

the Condensed Milk Cans from the recipe made a perfect no-cost container.

We had fun finding creative containers such as reusing canning jars, drink glasses from "Goodies" and the Condensed Milk Cans.


Mindy said...

Jen -- I am with the boys -- they were probably delicious and I would have been tasting them too. You did a fanstastic job. They look fabulous. Looks like fun.


Perfeect idea for the Condensed Milk Cans! I am soo using it..
Thanks ~M~

Kim said...

I LOVE the idea of using the butter wrappers for the caramels!