August 5, 2009

Cast Iron Cooking

As I cooked breakfast sausage for my boys this morning I was reminded of how much I love using Cast Iron cookware. Thanks to my mom the love of Cast Iron, particularly Griswold was instilled in me at a very early age. There is something timeless about cooking in the perfectly seasoned pan and enjoying a home cooked meal from a pan that has been around for decades and will be for many more to come. You can still find these great kitchen tools at tag sales, flea markets, antique stores, & garage sales. Cast Iron cookware has become quite collectible over the years and you will need to keep your eyes open and know a good deal when you see one. Of course you will need to take a little care with your pans to keep them in prime cooking condition. Here are a few tips on how to Season and care for your Cast Iron cookware. Also, if you have tips or would like to share your love of Cast Iron cooking feel free to leave us a comment that we can share.

*To Season a new pan*

Cast Iron Cookware must be seasoned properly and it will last a life-time.

*Heat the oven to 275 degrees

* Coat the pan with lard or bacon grease.

* Put the pan in the oven for15 minutes.

* Remove the pan & pour out any excess grease.

*Place the pan back in the oven and bake for 2 hours.

Repeating these steps several times is recommended and will help create a well seasoned pan.

*To Clean*

*Clean the cookware while it is still hot by rinsing with hot water and scraping when necessary. Do not use soap or detergent as it will ruin the seasoning of the pan.

*Never store food in the cast iron pan,the food will breakdown the seasoning and the food will take on a metallic flavor.

*Store your cast iron cookware with the lids off to avoid rust. Should rust appear, the pan should be re-seasoned.

*Thoroughly dry with a towel or set on a warm burner until all moisture is gone.

*Display your cookware where you can see & enjoy them :)


Fielding said...

The Joy of Cooking is one of the best. The tried and true books are the ones I always come back to. I still use my worn out copy of Betty Crocker (the best pie crust recipe!) I started to write a post about my favorite cookbook of all time (Silver Palate), a few days ago. Need to finish it, and get it posted. I love your wonderful stove! Glad you will be at the show in September!

Take Care

Amy said...

i have a question...can a cast iron be used on electric ceramic stoves?