October 1, 2009


I apologize if you have been stopping by for a visit and expecting a post only to find nothing new has been added.

Well, I ended up loosing my computer to the dreaded blue screen of death and as my computer guy put it so nicely "Your hard drive is completely toast".

The death of my computer has literally left me with my hands tied behind my back at the shop....For me this meant there would be no ordering supplies, no answering e-mails and orders, and no printing labels of any kind until the problem was fixed. As luck would have it, I needed a new system.

I purchased my computer from my small local mom and pop shop and found the service that I receive is top notch, no question is to stupid and I can actually talk to a real person when I need technical support. I know this could not be matched by any other Big Box store.

I kept my fingers crossed that my computer-tech could save what he could from my old system. Lessons have been learned and I am on the road to getting back on track, having fun and looking forward to the versatility that my new laptop brings.

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Cary said...

Oh no! I have had a few run in's with the blue screen of death this week. I keep telling myself it's going to be ok...but now I think I'll go back up all my stuff! Hope you are able to salvage some :-).