February 10, 2010

Love is in the air...and the soap pot!

You can sure tell Valentines day is just around the corner! My sweetie was at the Soap shop today helping out and playing with the camera on his laptop, he ended up with this fun picture of the two of us. I love how the camera caught the light bursting out as he kissed me...Funny after 15 years of being married to this wonderful man, I can still feel the light bursting with every kiss!

To top it off...while melting oils for the soap we were making today, I noticed this random heart floating in the soap pot as the oils gently melted. My heart beamed with pure joy, I knew that I would just have to make this batch of soap into our 'Crazy In Love' bars.

So when we say we put a whole lot of love into every batch of soap, here is proof that we really mean it!

Here's to hoping you find the love in your ordinary day as we did today!


Mindy said...

love the pic Jen. :D
And the soap looks good enough to eat!!

Anna Banana said...

You guys are adorable!