April 12, 2010

Spring update

A lot has happened this past month, Easter has come and gone...
(Such a cute picture. I do not know who took this to give credit to. My friend Toni tells me I am such a Romantic...This proves it Toni, I couldn't resist posting it!)

We made the trip down to my sisters house which is 4 hours away. The Easter bunny brought the boys six baby chicks and a bucket full of treats. The ride home was noisy as the babies peeped the whole way home.

What was that silly Easter bunny thinking?

The chicks are settling well into their new home and are quickly growing from cute to that funny awkward stage. We really love having them!

On the home front-My tomato starts have gone wild and are celebrating the good life center stage right in our living room. They are taking advantage of the extra love and attention with the grow lights,warm water and the warm wood heat.
Someday I will have a greenhouse but until then..the living room is it!

Let the gardening begin!

We were able to make it to the Funky Junk show in Elk, WA. on Saturday with my family. They are always troopers and humor me when I drag them on my junky adventures. The only picture I took at the funky junk show was of this old outhouse from behind the grange hall. I should have remembered to take pictures of the show itself. There is always next time, right? ;-) I did get in a good visit with the sweetest Mother/Daughter duo from Two Women Art and antiques. We are looking forward to vending at their fall show again.

We had a great weekend and topped it off on Sunday, celebrating my oldest sons birthday. He turned 13....where did the time go! He is amazing, sweet, smart, loving, helpful and one of a kind...I couldn't be more proud of him. We love you Levi!

Levi's cake of choice, lemon pound cake.

Oh so naughty, but oh so good ;-)

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