June 9, 2010

A whirl wind of Farm Chick Fun!

We are back from the Farm chicks show and as a vendor it literally takes a couple days to re cooperate from the magnitude of the show experience. I was able to take a few pics from the show but had the misfortune of breaking the LCD screen on my digital camera....uuggggghhh!

Planning starts months in advance... collecting,creating, painting, cleaning, and organizing and storing all the fun finds we will be bringing to the show. Not to mention making all of our soaps by hand and letting them cure 4-6 weeks before they are packaged and ready to go. Even with all the planning there was still a lot of work to be done the week before the show. Wouldn't you know it, there would be a mass amount of School activities, Band performances, Soccer practices & Games, getting the garden put in around the rain storms, running the shop, mailing orders out, and running a household... just to name a few the things trying to hamper my preparations for the show.

Friday-Things were looking pretty bleak, as I wasn't sure I would have any help for the show. As luck would have it, Mr. Cedar House Soaps got rained out from his Big boy job and he was able to be my sidekick for the entire weekend. Troy is a good sport and he was workin' it in his pink Farm chick badge.

We arrived a little late on set up day...

The good news... was the rain had stopped by then, we missed the mad rush of other vendors unloading their fabulous wares, and we got an awesome up front parking and unloading spot to park the trailer.

The bad news... we were so busy setting up that we didn't even know Celeste was serving cake to vendors.It took us right up to the 6 p.m. deadline to get our booth set up before we got kicked out by security.

Saturday- Nothing can prepare you for the awesomeness of the show. As vendors we get to see the show before it opens, it reminds me of a beautiful version of a Dr. Suess display of sorts. It feels as though the booths are filled precariously to the ceiling with a colorful, charming vintage menagerie...

For a junk junkie it's like dying and going to heaven! The vendors at Farm chicks are the best of the best.

INSPIRING to say the least!

I was feeling pretty lucky...My booth neighbors were among the sweetest and most talented.Lisa and Cori You are both so inspiring and fun!

We also attended the After party at Chaps for the first time...We met fun new friends from Clothes pin cards thanks for all the laughs girls we had so much fun!

The dinner at Chaps was off the hook!

Sunday- was not as crazy and a little more laid back... Still had plenty of shoppers and many of the vendors restocked with many more treasures. The day went by fast and the show was over before we new it. Tear down was our fastest yet, most of our goodies had been sold. Our load was considerably lighter going home!

Over all, hands down this was a fantastic show....Thank you Serena!

For more pictures from the show visit The Farm Chicks Blog with a list of links that include many more blogs with pictures and experiences from the show.

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Mindy said...

looks fantastic!!

krys kirkpatrick said...

I too had an amazing time. First time as a vendor...I never left my booth! Can't wait for next year! Serena is amazing!