July 30, 2010

"JUNK in my TRUNK"

While out junkin' this morning we came across a sale on "My Rd". I just had to take a picture. I love the simple quaint sense of humor!

We didn't find anything that we just had to have on "My Rd" so we mozied on.

Here's a look at the JUNK in my TRUNK..

I fell in love with the little red barn lunch box...It was a must have ;-)
The two super cute Red Apple tin canisters may just have to live in my kitchen for awhile...I am not sure I can part with them!

I also picked up a vintage goose down ticking pillow, a vintage pink spread, a queen spread and shams for my bed and the cute little metal garden furniture that came with terracotta pots(not pictured).

What JUNK do you have in your TRUNK???


Debi said...

Great finds! All I found today was a Sesame St card game, a pair of pants and a onesie for my grandson. But something is better than nothing, right?

Jennifer said...

Debi... Something is always better than nothing ;-) Sounds like your lucky little grandson will be enjoying your fun finds.

Monkey Mind said...

Such colorful junk in the trunk. Great finds! I like all the reds.

Pam said...

Great finds. Love the apple canisters.

Mama Rose said...

I'm so loving EVERYTHING in your trunk-lol! Great finds!!

GoodyGirlRed said...

That's some really good junk in your trunk!