October 19, 2010

Meet Tilly Monster

Meet the newest edition to the Maltba family household. Tilly was a gift from my parents for our 16Th. Anniversary. This was their first batch of Yorkie puppies and they graciously gifted one of their babies to us.

Tilly is a mischevious, fun loving, playful, little bundle of sheer naughtyness and she has really added a fun new element to our lives.

Princess Tia still isn't sure that she likes sharing any of her lovin's with another pocket puppy and her nose is still a little bent.

Daisy Dog doesn't seem to mind her ( she doesn't seem to mind much of anything for that matter) as long as she can sneak all puppies food when nobody is looking and she doesnt have to share her stinky bed, life is good!

Archie, our orange Kitty knows he is still the boss ;-)

Fun times ahead...Potty training is now in session...WISH US LUCK!

1 comment:

Cary said...

Awww cute! And Happy Anniversary too :-). We just bred our Golden boy to a pretty little blond Golden and are expecting the new addition in December. I can hardly wait!