October 28, 2010

Spell Bound

I didn't get a chance to decorate over the top this year but did manage to get a few decorations up for the Spooky Season.

The old burl table and statue have been covered in webs and a few hidden sparkly spiders. There were cute little cups of goblin teeth (candy corn) and chocolate eyeballs until Miss Daisy our Basset Hound could not resist the temptation to eat them all to herself, while everyone else was at Soccer practice.

Yes, she ate them all...wrappers included!

My dress form is decked out in her wicked wear...Boots, Broom, and Hat included ;-)

More webs cover the vanity, the Spell goodies, and help camouflage some of the real cobwebs that I manage to miss ;-)


Michelle H. said...

Great decorations! I have to ask - did you buy that 2 drawer dresser with the 3 mirrors from someone out Peninsula Road? Looks just like one my aunt used to have.

Michelle Fisher Hawkins

Jennifer said...

Great eye michelle...Yes I did!