November 30, 2010

Little Santa's

Happy first day of December everybody!

I noticed while unpacking decorations this year, my small but ever growing collection of vintage pipe cleaner Santa's. They may have a more technical name but for now I will continue to call them PCS's.

I just love these little guys!

I love that they are an inexpensive can find them hanging out at garage sales, thrift stores, & flea markets, etc.

They are small and virtually take up no room at all in my little, itty bitty, tiny cracker jack box of a house...

Frankly they are cute and just make me smile!

My latest Santa was found hanging out down at our local Animal Rescue Thrift shop, and was in need of a very delicate and embarrassing operation. Looks like he had an unfortunate accident with something very sharp. (((Ouch)))

After the removal, there was very little recovery time. This Santa can now live happily ever after with the other Santa's.

Someday I imagine I will have enough to do a whole Santa themed tree...

Hope you are having as much fun as I am, pulling out your decorations and getting into the holiday spirit!

1 comment:

Robin said...

Oh my! Santa is just so cute. He looks so sweet and Jolly!