January 26, 2011

It's not easy being green

I know white is all the rage right now but I can't help but be smitten with GREEN.

and according to squidoo it turns out that the Color Green is great for our Psyche too!

Green can be...

•Relaxing mentally as well as physically
•Helps alleviate depression, nervousness and anxiety
•Offers a sense of renewal, self-control and harmony
•Bright Green is the color of the astrological sign Cancer (hey..that's my sign)

No wonder I am LOVING the color Green right now...can not think of a better way to beat the Winter Blues!



June said...

Hey my little Idaho friend...happy to meetcha! I am a lot south of you...in the center of the fat part of Idaho. I'm always thrilled to meet other Idaho bloggers.
Your blog is awesome and I will have to do some reading here to get to know you better.
I see you're are a vendor at FC. I hope to get there again this year. Maybe I will see you there.

Jennifer said...

June....Thank you for dropping by my blog today :-) I really enjoyed visiting yours...Beautiful & Peaceful. I am hooked!