April 15, 2011

Fresh Soap Fridays

Sweetgrass loofahs have been added to the curing rack this week.

I had a chance to play around with soap stamps this go-round and really like the little extra somthin'... somthin'...it adds ;)

To be honest Loofah scrub bars are not one my favorite products to make here at the Soap shop. They are a little more work, a little more difficult to make, and quite a bit more trouble to cut and smooth...Did I mention more clean up time too???

Why do I make them then???

Because...I love the end result!
The natural loofah sponge is more rustic in nature

Our favorite Cedar House Soap recipe has been poured through a natural loofah sponge and sliced into bars. The natural fibers of the sponge help scrub and exfolliate dirt and dead skin cells away! Natural Loofahs can be a little rough for the first couple of uses, yet break in nicely and work great on tired calloused feet!


Cary said...

I need one!

Little Wren said...

Gorgeous end result! I can see why you think the extra work is worth it. I would have to agree!