August 11, 2011

Garden L-O-V-E

With Summer in full swing we have been harvesting garden goodies daily...

Here is a peek through our garden gate

It's a jungle in there!!!

Hungarian wax peppers are growing along quite nicely

The broccoli is oh so yummy... The main heads have already been eaten,
the side chutes are growing right along.

Anaheim Peppers

little tiny pumpkins..these guys got a late start! A gang of Quail came in and ate the first round of planted seeds. I sure hope they have enough time to grow!!!

We have been eating Sun sweetened raspberries and zucchini too.

I love Summer!

How are your gardens growing???


Between Friends said...

What a beautiful and abundant garden! I wish I had one like that, but I only had room for plotted plants to grow herbs. :)

Jennifer said...

Any size garden is a good garden...even potted herbs ;-)