September 20, 2011


Yes, I have been missing in action yet again!
Did you miss me?

It seems as though all our hard work this spring has paid off and the Garden Harvest has been in full swing. Keeping me a wee bit distracted from my blog!

Garlic harvest was fantastic and weighed in at over 12 lbs.

 Onions were actually bigger than golf balls this year.....yippee!

Enough dried calypso beans for winter soups 
 (these fun heirloom beans look just like mini Orca Whales....Love them!)

drying & saving seeds from the harvest and...

from these stunning Sunflowers :-)

 overwhelming amounts of cucumbers have been picked

 with loads of canning to do!

Of course we have been busy in the SOAP shop making many new soaps for Fall....Stay tuned for SOAP posts coming soon!


unexpected Necessities said...

Looks amazing! I always say I am going to start a garden every spring, but somehow the time just passes so quickly and it never happens! Enjoy your harvest!

Cary said...

Wow! You are amazing! I've always wanted to plant garlic... any tips?

Jennifer said...

Tip- Plant garlic in the Fall before the ground freezes and mulch with leaves. My first year I tried planting in the spring without much luck. I have made many stupid newbie mistakes. Garlic is the easiest thing to grow...I love it!