October 25, 2011

Chalking one up!

It's been a while since I have shared a project on my blog...

So here is one of my latest!

Chalk Paint

Have you heard about it yet? In the crafty world it's all the rage.I have heard a lot of buzz about it lately, and really wanted to give it a shot. Let's just say curiosity finally got the better of me!

Of course there are commercial Chalk Paint brands on the market...

But, I am cheap and so I decided to make my own using a concoction of Plaster of Paris and regular Latex paint from my local Ace Hardware store.

Item in question to be painted was this 70's style octagon table cabinet thingy... complete with plywood and plastic molded doors, found on a recent thrifting adventure.

A layer of primer was added...

I think that I could have skipped this step as the Plaster of Paris would have helped the paint adhere.

I'd rather be safe... than sorry!

I chose a bold Aqua... I love how easy the Chalk paint is to use and the coverage of one coat is super cool!

Big plans for this little cutie will be revealed at my next show...stay tuned :-) 

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