November 24, 2011

Rescued Angel Project

Here is a recent project finished  for

These long forgotten and abandoned angels were found in the bottom of the bins at a local thrift store.... begging to be rescued and taken home to be loved once again.

This white angel had certainly seen better days...
No longer able to stand on her own, and in certain  need of TLC.

This gold and green angel was adorned in out dated fashions and needed
a little help freshening up her wardrobe.

ugly wings and old ribbons had to be removed!

No wonder the white angel could not stand on her own...Her cone needed to be replaced!

Sporting their new feathers, handmade wings and vintage bling.

I love how these rescued angels turned out!


Junk Nation Review said...

Very well done!

Mindy said...

love the way they turned out Jen. Especially love the newspaper wings. you did a fabulous job. reminds me of some of the stuff your grandma used to send down to the girls with the bling.

Clara said...

I didn't see these today. I am sure they got snapped up in a hurry. I loved your booth at the Two Women Christmas Craft Show.