April 8, 2012

Bring it on !!!

Garden Harvest 2012 that is!

With temperatures still dipping down in the 20's at night....  It is impossible to get  gardening full steam ahead. For now I am content with my seedlings happily growing under grow lights in the house, all safe and sound.

The onion and lettuce seedlings have been tucked in the cold frames.

The other two frames have been planted with King Midas Carrots and Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce

I also checked in on my garden conditions yesterday and found a sweet surprise...Parsnips!  Evidently, I missed a few this last  Fall.  I now have quite a few parsnips trying to raise their heads in the garden....totally unexpected, but purely welcomed!

It was like striking gold!!!!

Lucky me :-)

This one was a shocker and tipped the scale at 1 ¼ lbs. Can you say Hello Big Boy?

Freshly bathed and ready for dinner!

 Total first Harvest of 2012 .......a whopping 2 and almost a ¼ lbs.

1 comment:

Michelle H. said...

Dang - that's one big parnsip!
Our North Texas growing season starts much earlier than y'alls in the frozen north so we're already harvesting green onions. I had hoped to be eating fresh lettuce by now, but something is gnawing on the leaves as fast as they're growing.

I love your cold frames - I imagine it's nice to be able to get an early start.