August 5, 2012

Growing Watermelon

I have really come to love the trials and tribulations of gardening in North Idaho. I have never tried to grow melons of any kind in my garden. I figured this year was just as good as any, and chose the small Blacktail Mountain variety known to grow in cooler climates.

My seeds were started earlier this spring and transplanted into one of the unoccupied cold frames.

My thoughts were to be able to close the frames for protection if night temperatures were to fall before harvest. Black plastic was also put down to help keep the soil extra cozy.

Although they were slow to start, it seems as though they are off to the races... now that the heat has arrived!!!
I know what your thinking!!!!  
They may be small now, but just wait... 
I am very hopeful that with love and attenttion, they will  have enough time to grow!!!

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