September 17, 2012


Hey you!

Ya you!

Remember me?

Ya, it sure has been awhile!

I have been missing in action...Please do not send out the troops,
I really am doing ok!!

Funny how life has just been blazin' on by and it's all I can do to hang on by my finger tips.

The shop has been busier than ever...Did I mention that School has started, along with taking the kids to Soccer and Basketball practices, games, Band performances, Getting ready for upcoming shows (junkin', painting, sanding, scrubbing, and building,tagging and get the picture!), not to mention the garden kicking out produce like no other....

At times I am overwhelmed by it all...and somehow I manage to muddle my way through!

This past week the garden finally got  hit with a frost...and really put a halt to things.
Time to harvest the pumpkins...
We will be taking a few of these to the Mad Hatter show at the end of the month.
 Levi was the great pumpkin picker, and hauler. I have been struggling with the fact that my sweet baby boys really are growing up, What was I so worried about? I just figured out how much I love having their muscles around to help schlep the heavy stuff!
Some of those pumpkins were really heavy.
We grew Cinderellas, Fardales, and Speckled Hounds
 The Lemon Cukes and Watermelons were spared from the frost, they were snuggled up safe and sound in cold frames.
 Did I mention how proud I am of my first Watermelon harvest  :-) I wasn't sure if it was even possible in our climate, now I know that it is!

Have you ever noticed  how homegrown tomatoes taste better when you grow them yourself? 
Well,  for your information...Same is true for Watermelons!!!

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