January 31, 2013

Daily C

Well, it's officially here...cold and flu season, that is!

I would like to think that we were going to start the year off right and then out of nowhere POW...BAM.... The whole family got sick!!! This was a first for us, as typically one or two of us gets sick....but, not all of us at once.

This was a whopper of a flu and we dropped like flies!

Corbin went to the ER Sunday with a severe earache.
Monday his eardrum ruptured and headed back into the Dr. on Tuesday.

By Thursday...Troy finally threw in the towel and  let me take him to the Dr. only to find out that he has Pneumonia and has Dr.'s  orders not to go back to work until the middle of next week.

In the meantime we are boosting up our intake of Vitamin C, drinking lots of water and getting rest.
Next year...we will be considering the flu shot!

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Mindy said...

get feeling better!! I am glad you went to the doctor. :D