January 22, 2013

Gardening in January-Meyer Lemons

As I sit amidst the piles of gardening magazines this time of year, reality bites as the bitter cold weather blatantly laughs and taunts me. We have had a pretty long run at a cold snap here in the Northwest... and you can bet my cold booty that I am oh so ready for warmer weather.
On a sunny note... I ordered a Meyer Lemon Tree this Summer to grow indoors.Trying to appease my gardening heart even when the garden has long been hidden beneath a cold blanket of snow.
The Lemon tree arrived as a bare root this Summer, and bloomed within a month of it's arrival.
It transplanted very well and has been happily living in the dining room under the "happy light", as our house receives very little natural light this time of year.
The little Lemon tree smiles with new growth, and miniature marble size lemons that will take on average, 8 months to ripen.
Our little tree has 5 baby lemons growing along and is currently putting on a whole new set of blossoms.

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