March 18, 2013

Fragrance Testing

We are always looking for fun new scents to add to our all star soap line up. Today we put 10 of the 20 new trial fragrances to the test.

First things first...Math!

Our typical soap batch weighs 12 lbs. and for the test batches, our house recipe needed to be adjusted down to 4oz. sampler sizes.
It is necessary to test fragrances for overall soap making performance, scent retention, overheating, morphing or discoloration.  
Nothing is more disappointing than a fuddy dud or misbehaved fragrance oil.
For the most part, these testers were on their best behavior.. 2 of the 10 fragrances did speed up trace just a little and could possibly be difficult to work with if made in larger batches.
These soaps will hit the drying rack tomorrow, waiting to see how they hold up to the curing process. Stay tuned for results on which scents will make the cut.

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