July 25, 2013

Roads less traveled

You may have noticed my absence and scattered random post here and there. Fear not, I am still alive and kickin'....The blog, had to take a back seat while, I focused on more important things in my life!

I took advantage of that time to focus on me...It's been a long time coming, and to be honest, it has felt so good! I finally faced my weight problem head on and took ownership of why and how I got myself in the predicament, that I was in....No easy task!

My years of denial, horrible eating habits, insecurity, stepping on a scale phobia and yoyo diets had finally gotten the better of me!

I felt like a failure!

Well, If I had gotten myself into this mess, then I could very well get myself out of it...and that's exactly what I set out to do!!!

My journey began in March....100 pounds to lose, sure was a hard pill to swallow!It started with little changes, exercising to the best of my ability, even though the reality of how out of shape I really was set in. I refused to DIET...and to this day I believe DIET is an ugly word! I hate the negative connotation, and the feeling of starving and deprivation really sucks!
So instead, I just set out to feed my body and eat until I was full...with real food, real fuel for my body. I made the choice to cut coffee, sugar, soda, and most processed foods out of my life until I could exercise self control.

apple love

While the process is slow, the rewards are magnificent! Running for 20 minutes, riding a bike for miles, hiking trails, keeping up with my active boys and touching my toes....


To date I  have removed 47 pounds out of my life and look forward to removing the remaining 53.

If your asking why I am sharing such a personal story, the answer is simple... Paying it forward! Along the way there has been many beautiful woman willing to share their stories, inspiring me and allowing me to put the pieces together for myself. Igniting the path to success!
So for now, I will continue to run for the first time in my life, on the roads less traveled... 
Listening to the Rythym of my heart
and the breath in my lungs,

 as I heal and comfort soul!

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Debi said...

Congratulations! Losing weight and getting back in shape is no easy task. I have struggled with my weight since my last baby (nearly 30 years ago). You have inspired me to get back on the right track... thank you!