January 10, 2014

Winter Garden & Pumpkin Bread

Enduring the dismal days and frigid elements of winter , I look out across my garden that is quietly sleeping under an unusually thin layer of snow. Knowing that my hard working garden surely needs the rest, I  long of playing in the dirt, running my hands through the soft, sweet earth while mindlessly doing simple daily garden chores that soothe and ease my soul.

Garden in winter covered with snow
While my garden gently tucks it's head under the covers and gently sleeps the cold days away, I find solace in my other humble domestic duties and take to the kitchen to create instead.

Grown in the garden this past Summer, this Jarrahdale Pumpkin has been an excellent winter keeper. It's time to make some pumpkin bread.

Jarrahdale Pumpkin cut open
 This pumpkin has a tough skin and reminds me of cutting a butternut squash. Seeds removed and cut into chunks to be oven roasted.

After roasting and cooled enough to handle and remove the skins, the chunks are mashed in my Kitchenaide mixer. This one pumpkin yielded 10 cups of slightly sweet and smooth  pureed pumpkin.
 Measured out into freezer bags for future recipes in 2 Cup measurements.
The Pumpkin bread turned out amazing. I used this recipe from my  Better Homes Cook book. Not a fan of clove, I omitted that, the nuts and raisins. With the first batch I  added  1 tsp. of vanilla extract. and the second batch 1 tsp. of Watkins caramel extract... The caramel extract won hands down...It seemed to enhance the pumpkin flavor. We will be adding that from now on.
The chickens happily enjoyed the pumpkin remains... 


Debi said...

Yum... the bread looks delicious.

Jennifer said...

Debi..It was soooo good :-)