February 20, 2014

Let the planting begin...

Clean seed trays
It was high time to clean the seed trays and get the planting under way for 2014. 
soil block maker
Playing in the potting soil and making blocks for the Ailsa Craig onion seeds. 
Soil block
Loving the opportunity to get my hands dirty :-)
Dirty hands
I found the secret to making perfect soil blocks is to use a pretty wet mix and a solid hard surface to to press against while releasing from the mold. Makes a perfect block every time and holds together when I pick them up and move them around.
After seeds are planted in the blocks... I add a little vermiculite for a light cover and keep those tiny seeds in place.
onion seed
with a variety of seeds...
A variety of Heirloom Lettuce Seeds
 A mixed tray of  lettuce and spinach was started as well.
tray of seeds
What have you got started for your gardens this year?

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