February 13, 2014

Momma loves her Cast Iron

I didn't initially set out to collect cast iron...honest! 

I received my first brand new cast iron pan as a wedding gift from my Granny Taz back in 1994... It was not love at first site and it took some time as a young bride to figure out just how to use that unseasoned pan. 

Time passed....and I gained an appreciation and love for old cast iron. With that, one pan simply led to another.

It's really hard to pass these iconic, kitchen, work horses up, when you  find screamin' deals on them at yard sales. Pick one up here and there, before you know it, you have quite a few.
So today was "Clean and Oil the Iron Day" at the Cedar House.
I guess I  didn't realize how many I had....
Although I have my favorites, I love them all...

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