March 5, 2014

Eating Healthy

As you know, I am on a quest to eat better...I have completely cut out all refined sugar. I was using honey, but as history repeats itself, I was abusing that too! So when my last bottle of honey ran out last week, I refused to buy more. 

I had to look for alternatives to curb my sweet tooth cravings!

Going old school know those old tupperware popcicle molds floating around in the bottom of your kitchen drawers...turns out, they have been my new favorite gadget! 

You can get all fancy, blending and mixing fruits and veggies...but, I am all for simple!

If I crack a can of naturally sweet fruit, I just strain the juice and pour it into the molds.

Pop em' in the freezer...
A couple hours later...They are ready. Can't get much simpler than that!
a quick dip under warm water and they release easy peasy! 
Makes me feel like a kid again when I eat these...
Sometimes it's the simplest of things, that can make your daily life better.

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