June 2, 2014

Restoring a Vintage Pie Safe

On Saturday, we were elbow deep working on projects for the Farm Chicks Show,  when we got a call from my Dad saying we may want to come take a look at something, before it was thrown away. He wasn't sure if it was something we would be interested in...If  not, this was headed for the demolition dumpster! 

Are you kidding me...Of course we want it!!!!!!

We had to bring it up from the basement of an old demolished house, loaded it up and headed back to our other projects.
Sunday, we were able to pull it out of the truck and see what needed to be done to rescue this old hardworking gal. There was rot, mildew and rust to deal with. It would take some work to get this old girl to stand up on her own again. 

Troy and I both thought there was enough there to try and salvage. 
I love being married to a fix it man... He amazes me everyday with what he can do!

With a lot of elbow grease, rebuilding, grinding and oiling, and 4 hrs. later, we ended up with this...

Pure Vintage Beauty!

Sometimes, when you spend time working on a piece, you fall in love...We were absolutely smitten with this old  Pie Safe and unfortunately she will not be making the trip to Farm Chicks. 

She has found her forever home here at the Cedar House!

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Tonita said...

Oh my my my... What a sweet find. I can totally understand why you would not want to part with this beauty. She is a fine piece indeed. You scored. I can just imagine your pretty soaps and products displayed on the shelves.