December 2, 2014


I have been Missing In Action yet again!

The past few weeks I  have been hustling and bustling my buns off to get ready for the Two Women Christmas show....Glittering...Glueing....Tagging...and Labeling!

This year it was a bit of a push, being back to back with Thanksgiving! 

I was blessed with a grand visit from the Flu Bug early Thanksgiving morning...It left the guys at my house to fend for themselves on Turkey Day. 

Mr. Cedar House stepped up and made a turkey dinner, including pie and the boys pulled off a Happy Thanksgiving without me! I don't remember much of the day...and spent most of it in bed...yikes!
 And there is no rest for the weary...It was get up and at em', early Friday morning...We headed to the Moran Prairie Grange in Spokane, WA. to set up for the show...
I was O' so Thankful to have all 3 of the Cedar House Soap guys there to help pack heavy furniture and make the thousands of trips from the trailer to the basement, where we set up our booth.
We got it all pulled together in record time!
Lucky for us, everything fell into place relatively easy.
The show was a big hit!!!
Now with the show behind me....I am ready to take on the busy holiday season!!! Did you know there are only 22 days  left until Christmas???

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