March 11, 2015

Testing Phase

I am happy to be back in the Soap shop and currently testing new fragrances.

This week 22 new fragrances have been tested in our favorite "House" recipe. All scents have been put to the test to see what 
  • holds
  • fades
  • discolors
  • rices
  • speed up trace
  • accelerates 
  • ashes

All scents were poured in the same uncolored base recipe. Visibly you can see the soaps that thickened too quickly or poured nice and smooth, and already after 1 day... You can see discoloration in certain scents.

I keep notes on my thoughts about scents, soaping experience, fragrance out of the bottle compared to the scent after soapmaking, as well as after scent strength after curing. 

Curing takes 4 weeks...The waiting begins!!!

Which scents will make the grade and which scents are destined for the chopping block?


Michelle H. said...

Just curious, and it maybe a trade secret that if you told me you'd have to kill me, but I wondered what happens to the rejects? Do you turn them into something else or do they get used at home and in the soap shop bathroom until they're gone?

Jennifer said...

Hey Michelle...Thanks for asking! All rejects get used in some way or another. Either rebatched into a new creation, used by willing testers at home, or sent to Clean the World Organization. :-)