November 17, 2008

One Holiday at a time...Give Thanks!

Looks like Christmas comes sooner each year! We noticed that at every store we stopped at this weekend was already celebrating Christmas and some even before Halloween. Call me old-fashioned, stubborn or what you will...I for one love to celebrate each holiday as they come one at a time! I have decided to take a stand and not decorate the shop for Christmas until we have celebrated and given "Thanks" for the holiday that is still 11 days away! We will welcome the Christmas Season with open arms after Thanksgiving:-)

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Mindy Vail Photography said...

I am with you on that one Jen!! Christmas will be here soon enough! I would love to see your shop all decorated up.
Tell your family "hello" from Scott and I! And give grandpa a big hug for us. I wanted to send him a card for Veteran's Day, but haven't gotten it done yet. :( It's on the to do list.