November 29, 2009

New traditions

I have a lot to be Thankful for...and this year is no exception!

My sweet Corbin made the Thanksgiving menu this year ;-) I couldn't resist taking a picture!

We spent our very first Thanksgiving at home. Sounds funny that the kids are 10 and 12 and we are just now deciding to do this. In years past the tradition has been to spend every other Thanksgiving with my side of the family or traveling 3 hours to Troys side of the family. Our busy schedules have kept us on the run lately and what we really wanted was to slow down and start a tradition of our own.

The boys chose the menu and we had fun planning it together as each boy gave his two cents worth on what the meal should include.

The 18 lb. Farm raised Turkey turned out perfect along with all the trimmings. We had one casualty of homemade bread that got a little done on the bottom...Thankfully I had two loaves rising and the second turned out absolutely perfect.

We enjoyed the simplicity, quaintness and comfort of each others company this Thanksgiving day as we started on our journey of new traditions.

the little pumpkin pie that inluded our homegrown pumpkins and our family of four

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~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Do I see butterscotch pie on the menu? Your pumpkin pie looks good. I can never get tired of a good pumpkin pie. I'm glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.