July 7, 2010

Fun Finds

I just love these sweet enameled dinner plates that I spotted and snatched up at the flea market. I was thrilled to discover there were 8 plates in all.

They fit in perfectly with the other red, yellow, and green items in my little kitchen. Did I mention that I love them ;-)

I had the best 4th. of July weekend, celebrating simply at home with my family and getting the chance to go junkin'.

My Sister In Law and I had a great day of thrifting fun! We managed to fill the truck up and I know we had the guys shaking their heads at us as we rolled in the driveway and they seen how much Junk we managed to get stuffed in there. They should know better than to turn us loose like that ;-)

One of my favorite finds was this lovely dress form. I wish that I would have taken before pictures. She was so ugly and unrecognizable adorned in a nasty green night dress with a shredded garbage bag and stuffing duct taped all around her. She looked like the bride of Frankenstein for sure. Someone had used her for a Halloween decoration...can you Imagine? I knew there was a beauty underneath all that garbage and in my haste to prove to Troy that she was a diamond, I forgot to take before pics.

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Michelle Fisher Hawkins said...

Love your kitchen! Looks so cheerful and fun.