July 12, 2010

Harvesting Garlic

Well, I am pretty excited to finally have my first real harvest of Garlic.

I still consider myself to be a newbie gardener, a fact that presents itself when I experience crop failures by no other fault than my own.I learned my lesson the previous year when I planted garlic early in the Spring and not in the previous Fall.

I actually planted the Garlic at the right time, amended the soil, and mulched with a thick layer of leaves to blanket the soil from the mildest winter we have had in years.

All must have been right and the Green Goddess, Mother Nature herself must have smiled upon my meager little garden as I harvested over 30 bulbs of garlic. Not bad since I only planted 2 bulbs.

The bulbs have been hung out to dry in a nice dark dry place and will await the Tomato harvest for Homemade canned Spaghetti Sauce, Salsa, and more ;-)

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