September 7, 2010

Bitter Sweet

I had a mixed up bundle of Bitter Sweet feelings as my boys went back to school today.

I relished in how sweet it was to get out of the house early and on time.

How sweet it was to have grown up girl time with a friend over breakfast at my favorite little cafe' without any mention of Lego's and farting!

How sweet it was to truly focus on my work and be productive.

and... How sweet it was to just be!

How bitter on the other hand as we marked the beginning of another school year set in motion.

How bitter the plain honest truth is...These crazy, beautiful boys are really growing up fast.

A bitter sweet day indeed!

1 comment:

Cary said...

It's been a while since I caught up on your blog... love the sourdough starter and the stuff you've made with it. I've been thinking about starting some myself. Maybe this is a good time to do it! Hope your Monday is going well after a busy weekend!