December 29, 2010

A Christmas Story

Ok, I know it's a few days late for a Christmas update....I am just now getting recouped from all the hustle bustle and bizzie's.

December was a blur...the shop was ever so busy with holiday orders (there were days I was afraid to answer the phone).

I guess the secret is out, so pass it on... We make really great soap !

We spent the month making gift baskets, wrapping presents & packing orders. A special "Thank You" to Mr. Cedar House Soaps and my BFF's for keeping me somewhat sane through out the holiday rush!

Our family is truly grateful for our customers...You allow us to continue to do what we love to do!

On the home front, Corbin added indoor soccer to our list of December to-do's. What was he thinking??? Extra trips to Spokane every week during December...Oh Joy!

Actually, I love to watch him play! He is feisty, aggressive in a good way and a true athlete in the making. Our little team of misfit's have been getting schooled in the game of Soccer in the BIG CITY league but as the saying goes...

"You can learn a lot from your adversaries".

These boys will walk away with knowledge.

Christmas Eve was done in true North Idaho fashion with couch hookie-bobbin'. What exactly is couch hookie-bobbin, you might ask? It's when you get one crazy family, some fun friends and neighbors, an old sectional, a pair of ski's, 100ft of rope and an old rattly dodge pick up and mix it all together just for fun. (My Brother-in-law Jim & My little Brother Jack)

Christmas morning began brite and early at 5:00 a.m. YES...5:00 a.m.!

The boys were impressed that Santa made their presents into a tower under the tree

Oh That Santa...he's so creative ! :-)

After opening gifts from Santa we headed into town for Christmas morning breakfast at Grandpa's house. Now that Grandma is gone, the cooking has been passed down to Mothers, Sisters and Aunts. As sadness filled my heart that she is no longer with us, a joy soon filled it's place as the new babies in the family are a reminder of how Blessed life is, in itself!

(on the road again)

A quick trip home for a few hours to re coupe and then back out on the road to go over the hills and through the woods to Granny Taz's for dinner and then Home again.

Whiz-BANG and in a flash the Christmas crazies are over!

In true Christmas style I...Over-worked, over-stressed, over-ate, over-smiled, and over-joyed myself into a Christmas HANG-OVER

that I swear, I will not attempt to do until next year ;-)

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas too!

- Jennifer


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