January 5, 2011

The New Year

I didn't make any Grand Resolutions for this New Year.

Nope, definitely not my year to loose 300 lbs. or become more structured, more organized, be the picture of perfection, or even have it all together for that matter!

Unrealistic Resolutions becomes a lot of pressure and only lead me down the path to Disappointment.

That being said, I don't want to be a negative Nelly!!

I do want to make a very serious and conscious effort to look at my life and...

*TAKE MORE TIME for Loved Ones

*APPRECIATE the small things

*LOVE even harder

*LAUGH Louder



*FIND PEACE with what I can not change and

*STRENGTH for what I can!

I am looking forward to this New Year and all that it may bring our way!!!!


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