July 5, 2011

The purpose of Repurpose...

I found this rather large vintage hand mirror at an estate sale a few weeks back for pennies. I remember the look on the ladies face as I checked out and paid for my treasures...

Who would possible want a broken mirror???

Well, I would!!!

She just didn't see what I could see... Silly lady ;-)

The brown paper backing was stamped 1947....This oldie but goodie was in need of a makeover!

After soaking and scraping away paper and adhesive, it was high time for a new paint job.

Did I mention that I love chalkboard paint??

This was the end result...I enjoy the little bit of whimsy it adds to my garden.

Now I hope my garden catches my drift!


Mindy said...

great idea Jen!!! I am gonna keep my eyes open for something like this!

Anne C. said...

I love this! What a great idea....I would never think of this!

Brandi said...

Such a cute idea! :) Love it!