July 19, 2011

A weekend in review

This weekend we took Corbin to his first 3 on 3 basketball tournament in Rathdrum, he was nervous...he usually is before any game.

The boys played hard and won their first game. I am always amazed at how competitive it can get out there on the courts.

They dug in and played hard but lost the next 2 games.

Dad was proud!!!

It just happened to be Rathdrum days so there was a lot going on around the courts. After the games we walked through all the vendor booths. They had a great live BAND playing and lots of fun activities going on.

Ronald Mcdonald was even in Rathdrum sponsoring
the big wheel races.

We just had to watch!

who knew big wheel races were a big deal? It was just too darn cute!!

This little guy had the need for speed.. he pulled ahead of the pack and won the race.

and this little cutie took her time and proudly finished last!

Corbin took a ride on a camel!

and we had to bail the boys out of the Rathdrum jail!!

Just in time to stop a runaway train!

We had a great weekend and hope you did too!

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