August 24, 2011

As always... I have the best intentions of harvesting everything from the garden on time.

Intentions to be a...Green Thumb Gardener Extraordinaire!


Those who know me, know that just isn't the case!
I do make mistakes quite frequently.

Hence is the case where I didn't harvest the green onions for...hmmm...forever!

They were much to HUGE to really do much with and I didn't really think the kids wanted to eat them every night for the next two weeks.

So, I pulled out my handy dandy food dehydrator and my sharpest kitchen knife and went to work in my very own version of a chop shop.

((O.k. note to self...when you let green onions grow to epic proportions and then decide to harvest them all at once... you will be crying like a baby))

I didn't want to freeze the onions and then have them turn to a slimy nasty mess when thawed. Dehydrating was my best option.

They turned out FABULOUS!

I now have a gallon of dried green onions in my pantry to add to soups and stews this winter when the garden has long been forgotten beneath a thick blanket snow.

although I dried a couple things from the garden last year, dehydrating is still fairly new to me. I did put my dehydrator outside so the house didn't smell like an onion factory!


Anne C. said...

I like the idea of dehydrating! I would love to do that with fruit to add to oatmeal and salads.
Anne :)

Cary said...

Way to go!! I just nominated you for a blogger award over on my site. Check it out at !

Marla said...

I tried this Jen... You are right.. best dried chives in the world!
Thanks! ps> I shoulda put in more onions :(