February 8, 2012

Canning Dried Beans

We are coming to the tail end of winter and I  have been needing to can more dried beans again.

We typically keep bulk beans stored in buckets, and most times when I think about making beans for dinner...The kids are already starving!

Guess who hasn't pre-soaked the beans? 

Yes, I know you can quick cook the beans in the pressure cooker, but sometimes hauling out my BIG, tank of a cooker, just seems like more trouble than it is worth!

That being said our family loves the convenience of having canned beans ready to go for those quick meals.

 Well, it's been a year since I have canned dried beans.

So, I went blog hunting for inspiration, and came across this fantastic farm blog, that I felt was worth sharing with you...

Hickery Holler Farm

Check it out....very inspiring!

Check out her canning stats....

Perhaps, I shall set some new canning goals for myself this year!

My yearly  canning total so far :

12 pints of Pinto Beans
14 pints of Kidney Beans

Stay tuned for more of my canning adventures to come!

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