February 21, 2012

He loves me!

I do believe Mr. Cedar House Soaps.... loves me!
As promised, here are the before and afters of my new closet that he made for my Valentine's present....

Sorry Ladies...I'm not giving him up anytime soon!

One of the biggest problems of living in a small home, is not having a space to store our JUNK. Our bedroom was definately  not  dreamland.  It was the place that always ended up with the  junk corner. You know, with the stuff we need..or just the stuff we think we need! 

Our two end walls are slanted and made for a lot of wasted space on both sides of the room. We used the space behind our bed for blankets, books, etc. but you could always see it stacked up behind there. and both of our clothes were stuffed into that tiny closet beside the bed.

We picked up these bifold closet doors at a yard sale last Summer for $1 each..... Oh ya! Who could pass that up?

We used the extra bifold doors cut in half  and repurposed into cubbies behind our bed.

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and here are the after pictures of the closet finished.

The closet was big enough to hold  my clothes all of my JUNK and hide the one and only T.V. in our house!

I LOVE the sweet little glass knobs!

Here is an after shot of the old closet and new cubbies behind the bed, all freshly painted... Our orange monster has approved, and was happily snoring away in his usual spot in the bed.

I can not believe we made this tiny closet work for the two of us! Now the little closet is his and the big closet is mine


Debi said...

So jealous! They look awesome!

Mindy said...

looks beautiful Jen..... I would be embarrassed to show you all the junk in my bedroom. All my scrapbooking and jewelry making stuff is in there. I need to simplify. I am proud of myself for getting rid of two bags full of old clothes to make room for beads in my closet.
Troy is a keeper. :D You make a great team.