February 28, 2012

March Madness 30 Day Challenge

After a long phone discussion with a friend the other day, I was inspired to take on a 30 day grocery challenge for my family. The idea is to use more of the items we have on hand, plan meals better and to be a little more frugal and resourceful. All areas that I need to work on.

Why $30 ? I have allowed a very modest budget of $30 a week for Milk, Fresh Fruit & Veggies or any other grocery items we may need.

Could you do it?

I am determined to try ! I will be checking in weekly to update my progress and post my grocery receipts.

Wish my family luck!

Oh ya....Did I mention that I have two bottomless pit teenagers in the house??

Begins March 1 - March 31


Michelle H. said...

Good luck with the challenge! I would have held out for summer when the garden is going full force. : )

I wish you well and can't wait to see how it goes - with your grocery prices up there I imagine it will be tough. I get spoiled by the competitive grocery market and double coupon policies at my local stores in Texas - and then I go shopping in Priest River in the summer and have a stroke over the price of a gallon of milk.

Michelle Hawkins

Jennifer said...


Thanx for the comment....It's going to be tuff with our prices around here....Should be interesting :-)