March 7, 2012

March Madness Food Challenge

Week #1

I did have an idea that this challenge was going to be tough!!! Our family typically spends around $150.00 a week that includes household products and pet food. When I decided that I was going to do this challenge for my family there was only a two days notice before the first of the month.

I knew I was lacking  some major  key ingredients in the Pantry even  before we  got started. I have been rather lax in the food storage department and only had a 10 pound bag of flour on hand, approx. 4lbs. of sugar, no butter and 1/4 gallon of Milk. I was also out of conditioner and Saran wrap.

What the heck was I thinking? My first thought was.... Hurry  stock up and make a quick trip to the store...I still have 2 days before the Challenge starts!

Yes, I could have done that, but then that wouldn't have been much of a challenge and I probably wouldn't  have learned anything.  This was the best way to see what is truly lacking in the  pantry and what false illusions we have about the food we already have stored.

The ads came out on Wednesday so Troy and I made a plan an decided Family Foods In Oldtown, ID.  would be our  Grocery store of choice this week.

 A  bit of an off beat store with a  liquor store in side, made for some interesting shopping on the  first day of the month. Armed with  a calculator in hand...we went for it!

Onions were the deal of the week...5lbs. for $1.00 we bought 10lbs.

My thoughts on this is that we are still getting the best bang for our buck and still adding to food storage. Cheese was also on sale 2 lb. bricks for $4.49, We purchased 2 .

I was thinking if all else fails ...We can make cardboard taste better with cheese and onions ;-)  right!

We also purchased 2 Gallons of milk, two packs of Polish Sausage (with a coupon), Yogurt, and a pack of Pepperoni.

Grand total of $29.32.

Funny how things like conditioner and saran wrap  are no longer important!

Corbin helped put away the groceries and quickly exclaimed...... 'We are gonna die!"
He doesn't like onions, even though they are in almost everything we eat.

So the rules we created for our family were...
$30 a week... for groceries, school lunches, snacks  but excludes any pet food.

Lets just say it has been an interesting week. We have ate well, but we became very aware of what items we have taken for granted. Troy and  Corbin  broke the rules once when they forgot about the challenge and bought a snack after Basketball practice and spent $3.00.  It will have to be subtract from this weeks $30.00

Here is a look at our dinner menu from this past week.

Day 1
Chef Salad, with boiled eggs from our chickens and steamed Butternut squash.

We didn't eat all the squash, so normally I would have given it to the chickens. This time ...I took initiative and made it into 2 yummy butternut pies.

Day 2
Homemade Pizza, and left over salad. We only used half the package of pepperoni so that we will have next family pizza night covered.

Day 3
Homemade Crock pot Chili  and Corn bread biscuits.

Day 4-
Left overs~ chili and polish dogs

Day 5
Oven baked pork chops and fried rice
Day 6
Homemade Cheesy Sausage Helper.

Day 7
Homemade Creamy Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese on Homemade Bread.

Making all of our breads, and snacks has left us with no Flour...Shopping this week will strictly be about the staples. I have a positive of .68 cents carry over from last week and the boy's negative expense of $3.00 with a Grand total of  $27.68 to go shopping with this week.

 Wish me luck!


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Michelle H. said...

I wondered how it was going - sounds like y'all ate pretty well this week. Good luck with next week!