April 7, 2012

Fire and a set back

Well, I managed to finally set the Soap shop on fire this week!  

I had a small amount of coconut oil in the bottom of a pan that I needed to melt and weigh. 

I turned the burner on the stove and completely forgot about it.... I went next door to get some coffee, visit with mom and ....something just donned on me..........the BURNER!

I could see it as soon as I stepped out the door heading for the shop ...flames shooting from the pan had caught the valance above on fire. Then quickly caught the ceiling on fire... the smoke was so thick and heavy you couldn't reach the fire with the extinguisher from the door. I ended up having to break out the back window and extinguishing the flames from there.

If I had been only a minute or two later, the shop would have been a pile of ashes...The old gal is insulated with sawdust!

I am extremely lucky and am counting my Lucky Stars that the only damage she suffered can be fixed with a new coat of paint and elbow grease.

My punishment for being so stupid.....10 straight hrs of cleanup to get rid of the mess from the extinguisher.
We are hoping to get the painting done this week and the shop will be back open once again!


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Michelle H. said...

That had to have been scary! So glad that you were able to get the fire out in a hurry, and that it's repairable.

On a lighter note, I love your pink mixer.