April 4, 2012

Food Challenge * Update *

If you haven't given up and are still following along....Surely you all think we starved to death by now...

Well, we didn't!

We have survived, all though not as gracefully as I had hoped. 

I took on this challenge as sort of a stress test for our family, a test to see where the cracks are, to see where we could improve, what we could live without, and what we could make do with.

I have to say that my family are troopers.
They embraced the challenge, never complained and supported my madness....

Week #1 groceries

Week #2 groceries

Week #3 groceries

What did we learn from the challenge? 

We learned to be more creative with meals, be  more conservative with what we have, be less wasteful, more mindful, shop smarter, make our money go further and most of all.....

we have learned to be more Grateful!

Did we succeed and make it perfectly through the challenge?

No we did not.. 

Along the way we had Corbin's 13th. Birthday to celebrate (what is cake without ice cream?) 

and unforeseen cold and Flu  season running rampant through our house (sometimes only NyQuil does the trick) . For the final 9 days of the challenge we only had $6.00 remaining, we purchased milk.

Although the challenge blatantly pointed out our flaws, we are happy that we took it on and will be making different choices in the future.

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