June 11, 2012

After the Rain

With over a week of heavy rains, I seriously thought it was never going to stop... My garden was tired of holding it's breath, and I was almost sure everything was going to drown.

Here are the corn and lettuce starts, that I just didn't have a chance to get in the ground. My guess it that they may be a little over watered ;-) Probably should have remembered to bring them under cover! Luckily the corn was the late sprouting seeds...they were the stubborn ones that I thought were never going to sprout. The early sprouts were already planted.

On the brighter side... the rains have finally stopped, the sun has come up! 
If you listen close, you can almost here my sweet little garden sigh in utter relief.

The onions that were started from seed, are standing tall.

The first planting of broccoli is starting to head

Cabbage and sunflowers are looking fantastic

I'm looking forward to fresh peas. I have managed to success plant and have two separate harvest of peas on the way. One of my goals this year was to try and keep up on succession planting.

So far, so good!

I'm hoping to get a fall crop as well.

The beans have popped up too!

The first planting of carrots were planted in the cold frames earlier this Spring and happened to be mindfully rearranged by rogue chickens, otherwise they have taken good root and are looking well.

We have also been harvesting massive amounts of green leaf lettuce at the Cedar House. Black seeded simpson is a cut and come again lettuce, and boy does it come again!!!

Beginning to wonder if we are turning into bunnies.

We will continue to harvest until it goes to seed. I am thinking of trying this variety thru the Winter months as well.

How are your gardens growing???

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Michelle H. said...

I love to see pictures of your garden - so pretty and organized!

Ours is out of control thanks to the volunteer canteloupe and pumpkins that are taking over. Figures that the stuff I didn't plant is what's actually growing.

We didn't have much luck with broccoli and lettuce this year, but we've been eating a lot of grape tomatoes, zucchini, and jalapenos. The green onions have all been eaten - I need to get some more in the ground this week.