June 4, 2012

Farm Chick 2012 Adventure

You may think the load in Old Blue was heading straight to the scrap iron yard, but actually it made it's merry little way to Farm Chicks.

Truth be told, this years road to Farm chicks...was not an easy one!

The week before the show, my dad became ill and was hospitalized for 5 days. He was soon diagnosed with a condition known as Transverse Myelitis. The symptoms of his condition have left our family shaken.

I struggled with juggling trips to the hospital, running my parents business, training new employees, keeping my shop open, getting the kids to soccer, band performances for graduation, putting the garden in, tackling a mountain of  household chores....not to mention the loads of projects I still needed to finish before the show.

Have you ever felt like a rubber band .....stretched to that brink right before it snaps?

 That is exactly where I was at!

I debated on calling Serena and canceling our booth at the show...I really wasn't sure that I could keep it all together and pull it off.

Canceling just wasn't an option....
it felt like running a marathon and then tripping at the finish line!

By some miracle we were able to put in two 12 hour work days of our memorial weekend dedicated strictly to cleaning, sanding, painting, tagging, displaying, and loading what we could get done.

I knew it would not turn out to be what I had imagined or envisioned, but I accepted the fact that it would be...... what it would be!

Running on pure exhaustion, and loads of caffeine....I pulled my big girl panties up, put a smile on my face and made my way to Farm Chicks

Somehow by giving up control and accepting things as they were...allowed us to have an easy set up, and things just fell into place and somehow managed to worked out!

I am happy to report that we smashed our sales goal out of the ballpark....This was our best show to date!  We made it through two whirlwind  days of  junkin' bliss! 
Thank you so much to all of our shoppers, faithful customers,  vendor friends that we have made along the way and to Serena Thompson for believing in us and for helping us keep the Cedar House Soap dream alive!

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