June 26, 2012


One of my latest soaps on the drying rack is Grapefruit.

Mica Color

One of the hardest things about soapmaking is gettting the colors right. Just like science, you have to learn to work with the alkalenity of the soap. The ph of the soap can and does effect the outcome of the finished soap colors.

Micas swirling in Oils
I love the way the mica colors swirl through the oils before the Lye is added. It reminds me again, why I truly do love to make soap!

the colors swirl about like a kalidascope, changing, moving, mesmerizing and mingling.
Once the lye is added.. the textures and colors change.

before cutting

 I was scared this one was going to be to bright.. It was even more vibrant in person, and bordered on the verge of glow in the dark orange!

I was already planning a rebatch, trying to figure out how I could repurpose this shocking orange mess!

Grapefruit Soap Swirls
 After going through the gel phase and naturally heating up on it's own, the soap manged to end up pretty close to the color of pink grapefruit, that I can deal with!

This soap is now happily curing on the drying rack.

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Mindy said...

looks awesome Jen!! I have thought about making soap... but it looks like alot of work. :D
I made some lotions, bath salts and sugar scrubs... they were alot of fun!!
Loved your pics!!